Turbulent Tranquility’s juxtaposed and wavering melodies, precision lyrics and accompanying music video all capture the tumultuous feelings that go into making that awesome but FINAL destination – MARRIAGE … or any other destination you fear!

The music & music video are packaged with mobile videos surfing towards an eventual ultimatum, bizarrely posed baby pictures, superimposed unnatural abilities, a cameo cucaracha, and other memorabilia taken out of context for this beautiful event and gathering of witnessing friends and family.

Verse 1 – H20
Come on outside
The water (alternative lyrics: The leaves)
It’s falling (alternative lyrics: They are falling)
Everybody is
Coloring and drawing
Come on outside
My teeth
They are gnawing
On your front porch today
My teeth are dull
But as sharp as my wit is
I just chewed a hole where my heart is
Alka-Seltzer to the rescue
Just plop fizz
My heart burns when you’re around me
Verse 2 – H20
Come on over here my sweet soft surrender
I toss this horseshoe around your finger
A good luck charm reminds you to remember
That I will always be here
With you
Keep that in mind when you fly high like a kite
Hold me up to the sun
At night
Saltwater kisses all of your highlights
I will always be your hightided alibi
Bridge 1 – Kahuna
Verse 3 – H20
What wait a minute!
There’s a different verse
After the chorus rehearsed
And we were put on this Earth
For all
To witness!
An unbelievable truth
But do believe it, it’s true
‘Cause I can now cross you
You might have pegged me to the core
Your light brought me to the shore
In the sea
There may be
Many fishes!
But dutifully I’m yours
So if you please encore
Verse 4 – H20
Juggling riot on the outside
Chuckling quietly inside
Did any
But there’s no place to hide!
I do not care
When you’re at my side!
And now
I’ll sing you a song
A little
But in Spanishhhh!
Bridge 2 – Cucaracha
La cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Porque le falta!
Una muchacha
Para con quien bailar!
Cinco patitas
Son suficientes para bailar
Si su
Si su muchachita le ama siempre
Y siempre le cuida!
Bridge 3 – Guinness
You’re going to have to forgive me for that last one
It was really late,
I wasn’t feeling too great,
And I had just drank a lot of Guinness!
This last mix,
Is for the parents!
Verse 5 – Babies
Pensive Babies! – Heh!
Cozy Babies! – Heh!
Giggling Babies! -Hah!
Finger-licking-good-KFC Babies!
White linen Babies!
Christmas Babies!
Cross-eyed Babies!
Pop-you-in-the-eye-if-you-get-too-close-to-me Babies!
Jelly bean shaped Babies!
International Babies!
Inquisitive Babies!
Do-I-really-want-this-hug-from-you Babies!
Pick-me-up Babies!
Straight Jacket Babies!
Uncomfortable looking Babies!
Happy-elastic-stretch-me-out Babies!
Tummy-Time Babies!
Lap-Time Babies!
Swing-Time Babies!
Mommy-dressed-me-up-like-a-leprechaun Babies!
Group picture Babies!
Sailor Babies!
Staring Babies!
There’s-a-baby-in-my-back-pack Babies!
Bridge 4 – Toilet Training
We’ve got some trapped-inside Babies!
There’s a baby for you and me!
We’ve got some mountain-side Babies!
And some that find the best spot to pee!
We’ve got some toilet training Babies!
Some that sleep on the floor with daddy!
We’ve got so – many babies lately, we might have to give some away for FREE
Verse 6 – Babies
Bewildered Babies! – Hah!
Escape artist Babies! – Hah!
Best-foot-forward Babies!
What’s-that-thing-on-the-ceiling-we’re-so-mindlessly-amused-about Babies!
Time-to-swim Babies!
With-my-big-brother Babies! – Ummm!
Frolicking Babies!
I-just-through-my-food-on-the-floor Babies!
Awesome smiling Babies!
Golfing Babies!
Crawling Babies!
Apparently-we-shop-at-the-same-store Babies!
Somewhat unclothed Babies!
I-hope-they-do-not-find-me Babies!
Did this fall outta my diaper Baby?
Bath-&-Giraffe-Carrot-Corncob; Babies!
Profiled Babies!
Snug-fit-under-the-armpit Babies!
Innocent looking Babies – HA! HA!
Innocent looking Babies – HA! HA!
Innocent looking Babies – HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
But our favorite Babies …
Are the sitting,
Budweiser – Drinking,