Signs Of Suicide

  • January 8, 2017

Stopping by K12 Gallery & TEJAS this morning to drop off an application for my son, I was immediately hit by a wave of tears as the SOS (Signs of Suicide) exhibition slingshot me back to my youth.  These were not bitter but thankful tears as I recognized the importance of gentle, loving, and patient communication … and the opportunity God’s given me to impart said communication as a father, mentor, and teacher.  I was graciously allowed to photograph and post these as long as I gave credit … so for the real experience, I exhort you to visit K12 before this “Traveling Exhibition and visual Awareness Campaign” leaves Dayton, Ohio.

Tornados man (#7 below), I used to really dig them.  Growing up, these seemed to accurately symbolize every uncontrollable thought and impulsive action that was swirling around inside of me.  However, this symbolism became as destructive for me as their natural power when I began calling for these black beasts to “suck the uselessness out of me” in my poem Tornadiac Calliope  … driving my Jeep on unforgiving roads and chasing lighting storms with my head out the window and my fist madly shaking at the sky while chanting these poorly chosen words.  So thankful those days are over.